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Are you seeking an expert who delivers engaging, relevant content to your organization, and genuinely motivates them into action?

Gilat Ben-Dor, MBA, is a creative business leader, success coach, and a dynamic speaker who shares her content-rich message about the benefits of being a multi-passionate, multi-talented professional.

 The following GUSTO POWER® keynotes focus on personal and professional development, and can also be converted into workshops or breakout sessions for your group or conference:

Like a Diamond: The Brilliance and Benefits of Multi-Faceted Careers

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that professionally, we must only do one thing and be one thing. But this shoe does not fit everyone, and holding back can short-change both ourselves and our organizations. This eye-opening keynote will reveal the untapped potential — and how to unleash it — from each individual, and how this immense pool of hidden talents can result in profitable partnerships and synergies.

Creative Nine-to-Five: Branching Out While Punching In

Although specialists have traditionally been valued, the definition of a valued employee is rapidly changing. With economic shakedowns and a new corporate landscape, today’s MVE (Most Valuable Employee) can do more by calling upon all sides of themselves. This keynote combines case studies, personal experiences, and an uplifting message that celebrates the value employees offer their organization by being multi-faceted professionals.

GUSTO POWER®: Power Skills for the Multi-Passionate Professional

Gilat’s signature keynote of the GUSTO POWER® series, this presentation is ideal for both corporate and entrepreneurial groups. Through engaging stories, humor and pertinent case studies, the audience will take away a new understanding of the benefits of exploring our different sets of talents. Participants will learn simple, effective “Power Skills” they can apply immediately to increase personal satisfaction, workplace morale, and professional productivity.

Download Gilat’s GUSTO POWER® One-Sheet

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