Gilat Ben-Dor’s GUSTO POWER® personal and professional development program has helped many professionals find focus and renewed motivation, while celebrating who they are. Here are what some of our clients have to say:

“Gilat’s coaching has always been dead-on with great insight. Like a looking glass, she helps me clarify my vision and goals and is able to clearly see the situation from all angles.

I always see things in a new, improved light after speaking with Gilat. She is able to focus in on certain items that I hadn’t seen before which has an uplifting effect. She truly understands me, as well as my business, and most importantly, understands the journey of self-actualization we are all on!” 




-Eva Britt Pedersen
Creative Director of Eva Britt Design (
Whitefish, MT

“Gilat, you are incredibly talented! Through our coaching sessions, you were able to quickly recognize the strategy that was necessary for me to move forward. Your insights into my business situations have brought me clarity and ultimately, have led to winning over some lucrative deals. Thank you so much!”

-Richard Schultz
Real Estate Executive
Boston, MA

“Gilat is my inspiration! She exudes positive energy and motivated me to make great changes in my life. She is successful in her own right and generously shares her knowledge and experience with others.”

-Dr. Elissa B. Gartenberg (D.O.)
Family Physician
Scottsdale, AZ





“Gilat, starting the very next day, I was already able to begin implementing some of the strategies we came up with during my coaching session with you. Since then, I have received two new client inquiries, and it’s only been a week! I feel I am well on my way to expanding my private practice.”

-Dr. Esti Rimmer
Newcastle, England

“Gilat is a leader in so many ways. She motivates others, including me, just by her sheer force of concentration, creativity and problem-solving abilities, tempered by practicality and enthusiasm. She kept me on track while allowing room for exploration.

Her diverse experience in different industries and ability to adapt her messages to varied audiences, from one individual to large crowds, is inspiring. Her resourcefulness and genuine willingness to help is a true asset. Gilat truly believes in helping each person help themselves become the best person they can.”


-Suzanne Cohen
Corporate Communications
New York, NY

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