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The Confetti Path: 101 Ways to Celebrate Your Passions and Inspire Creativity, Gilat Ben-Dor (2011)You may already know that you’re a creative spirit, with an appetite for life’s many passions. But when was the last time you branched out in the ways that you celebrate these gifts? Gilat Ben-Dor’s THE CONFETTI PATH reveals 101 diverse ways to savor the beauty around you and ignite the spark of inspiration in everyday situations. This fun, portable book is filled with uplifting insights, quotes, and activities for you and those you cherish. $14.95 









The Rainbow Blueprint: An Action Journal for Those with Many Passions, Gilat Ben-Dor (2011)

If you have many passions, then you likely have the natural curiosity, energy and drive to explore them. Now it becomes a matter of staying on track. But how? With the help of The Rainbow Blueprint: An Action Journal for Those With Many Passions by Gilat Ben-Dor. With provocative questions and accountability check points along the way, you are guided to plan, execute, and reflect on the way that you live, surrounded by multiple passions. More than a pretty “blank book,” this guided journey will make you look back and see just how far you’ve come on your path.

$24.95 (Please note, this is a substantial, 456 page book)






The GUSTO POWER® Workbook: Tactics and Strategies for the Multi-Passionate Professional, Gilat Ben-Dor (2011)

Having a natural curiosity for many things, and the talent to fulfill each idea, is truly a gift: to yourself, your organization, and your community. The trick is knowing how to navigate productively between your diverse set of passions. The GUSTO POWER™ Workbook is an extension of the GUSTO POWER® leadership development and coaching program created by Gilat Ben-Dor, specifically for multi-talented, multi-passionate professionals who seek clarity without sacrificing their sphere of passions. The exercises in this workbook work well with individuals as well as group and work team situations.









One Road, Many Passions: A Collection of Insights for the Multi-Passionate Professional (Audio CD) – GUSOTO POWER™ Audio Articles – Created and Narrated by Gilat Ben-Dor

If you enjoy efficiency and education, why not make the most of your commute? In this CD, you will find three audio articles narrated by Gilat Ben-Dor herself (founder of GUSTO POWER™), plus a BONUS audio Special Report — all addressing important elements of success as a Multi-Passionate Professional.

Audio articles on this CD include:

“Multi-Passionate Professionals: Be Proud of your Many Sides”

“Business Without Borders: Cross-Marketing Your Diverse Businesses”

“Creative Nine-to-Five: Branching Out While Punching In”

Plus BONUS Audio: Special Report: “The 5 Mistakes Multi-Passionate Professionals Make”





A GUSTO POWER™ Overview, Introductory DVD

What exactly is a “Multi-Passionate Professional?” Are you one of them? And what does that mean for your personal and professional life, your productivity, your time, energy, and creative output? The GUSTO POWER™ development and coaching program, created by Gilat Ben-Dor, was designed especially to help multi-passionate professionals regain peace of mind, productivity, and the sense of heading in the right direction, on the path towards fulfilling one’s full potential. This DVD provides an overview of the GUSTO POWER™ program and the tools available on the website.

$9.95  Sorry, temporarily sold out