GUSTO POWER®: Life Design for the Multi-Passionate Professional™


GUSTO POWER®, created by Gilat Ben-Dor, features timely, relevant, and easily implementable solutions for the  professional who has multiple interests, talents, and high-priority goals. This type of person, whom Gilat calls the Multi-Passionate Professional™, is a driven, highly motivated individual who recognizes their multitude of gifts but at the same time, feels pressured and confused as to the most efficient use of their different sides.

Through personal and professional development including group, individual, and Human Resources-partnered corporate training programs, the Multi-Passionate Professional™ can discover new perspectives and approaches for solving issues of energy-draining, split focus, and time management dilemmas. The results seen from GUSTO POWER® include:

  • Feeling back in control over your schedule and energy
  • A renewed sense of purpose and clarity
  • Feelings of joy and excitement over upcoming projects
  • Peace of mind, knowing that you now have a plan to get to all of your key goals –without having to ruthlessly eliminate any areas you truly care about
  • Being taken more seriously for your multiple talents, rather than seen as a “jack of all trades, master of none”

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Do you feel like a "Renaissance Man" or "Renaissance Woman," with numerous passions and a need to organize them?